On Caupedactylus and Tupuxuara deliradamus

In 1988, Alexander Kellner and Diogenes de Almedeia Campos described a new species of pterosaur, Tupuxuara longicristatus, known from an anterior section of skull, mostly the front part of the nasoantorbital fenestra. Six years later, it was joined by T. leonardii, which is also fragmentary but distinguishable by a less extensive palatal ridge. Later, a … Continue reading On Caupedactylus and Tupuxuara deliradamus

Pterosaurs of the Kem Kem Beds

The Kem Kem Beds lie on the border of Morocco and Algeria. This formation produces fossils that date to the Cenomanian, which reveal a coastal deltaic wetland environment. It's most famous for the various large theropod dinosaurs such as Carcharodontosaurus and Spinosaurus (leading to the infamous Stromer's Riddle - why are there so many large predatory dinosaurs in … Continue reading Pterosaurs of the Kem Kem Beds